Welcome to Tiny Art Photography.  Newborn baby and Child fine art Photographer in the centre of Stockport.

 Tiny Art Photography Fine Art Newborn and child Portraiture


Making fine art impressions of your children and family. Enjoy those early moments, Cherish them forever.


If you are looking for a newborn, child or family photographer then please have a look around. I serve the stockport and cheshire area, If you need any help or advice just ask.


The passage of time makes capturing special moments so important.

This is so true for newborn babies who will quickly move from this stage in their lives, so having their photograph taken the right way provides you with a window into that special moment when your son or daughter came into your life. 

As an experienced, newborn baby photographer in the Stockport area, I make fine art images of your newborn baby or children in the comfort of your home. For over a decade, I have been refining my craft, taking photographs and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I think of every image I make as a piece of Tiny Art. 

Why Having Artwork of Your Newborn is So Important 

Babies grow up so quickly, from newborn infant to walking on their own in such a short period that many parents regret not taking more photographs of the time when their child came into this world. It is such a special moment in the first few weeks when a new member of the family arrives. 

Once in a Lifetime: Growing up happens in stages from newborn to infant, toddler, child, teen, and adult with many little phases in-between. Given how short a time a baby is in the newborn stage means that capturing this moment of their lives becomes even more important. 

Happy Memories: We don’t think of time passing by the hour, day, month, or year, but by the events that happen in our lives. A child coming into the world brings with it a host of pleasing memories that are relived when viewing photographs of that time. The best photo does more than capture a moment in time, it brings back all the happy memories that took place during the first few weeks when your child entered the world. 

My Work in Photography 

In my time of being a baby and child photographer, I have specialised in the art of taking photographs of newborns and create from that a work of fine art so that it remains an indelible moment for the family. My journey as a photographer has been one that has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and I have learned so much of that time. 

I pattern my work along the lines of famed baby photographers Julia Kelleher and Anna Brandt who have helped to shape how to photograph newborns and infants. By learning from how they work and adding in my own twist, I bring a unique way of thinking when taking the best photographs of your newborn. 

How I Work for You

My approach is that the newborn’s should be in the comfort of their home with you I want you and your baby to feel as relaxed as possible. I use professional photography equipment to set up and take a series of photographs that capture those special moments in time for you and your child to enjoy forever.

Once completed, the images are delicately enhanced and bring on a fine art look. Images that you can treasure for a lifetime. Over the past decade, I have developed a strong reputation in the Stockport, Davenport, Woodsmoor, Bramhall, Heaton moor and Cheshire area and I hope we can work together so that this precious time in your baby’s life can be treasured forever. 


I would love to show you around, Here is my portfolio, A bit about me and you can contact me with any questions you may have here.